Real estate for sale and rent
We offer you the opportunity to find a property for purchase or rent amongst our existing properties. We advise, assist and handle all the paperwork.
Individual search for property
We will help you create your search criteria and use them to find the right property with the best conditions for you.
Property Management
You can rely on us for the not-so-simple task of property management. Our experience allows us to use all the details of the processes for the client’s benefit.
Legal Consulting
Knowledge of the legal aspects always gives more power and space to make manoeuvres in any case. The result of the consultation will be an understanding of your full capabilities.
Legal support of deals
Support is always needed, especially in complex situations where there are many details that need to be known. We are ready to provide you with just this kind of legal support.
Registration of residence permit
In order to expand the geographical scope of their lives, people often need to obtain residence permits in other countries. We can help you make this happen.